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Vaccines: What You Should Know

Since one of our frequent travelers was Vice President of Pharmacovigilance and Patient Safety for a Major International Pharmaceutical Company, we figured he would be the perfect person to help us understand the issues surrounding vaccines and gain insight into what this all means.

Featured Traveler: Jeff, from LA

We appreciated having Jeff on the trip you so much. He was so much fun, and always joyful, and his joy and light-heartedness spread to everyone. We especially appreciated his love and appreciation for everyone who had a roll in his vacation. He has the ability to put a smile on the face of all he encounters, and we look forward to having him on another Zoom Vacation. Zoom: We know you have been following Zoom Vacations for a while. What drew you to Zoom, and what drew you to this particular trip? Jeff: I have been following Zoom for...

Featured Traveler: Alexis, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

We always say that the more mixed our trips are, the better. So, when Alexis joined our China trip, we were excited for the additional diversity, and even more thrilled because she is such a wonderful person to travel with. Alexis spoke with us about her recent trip with Zoom Vacations to China! Zoom: How did you learn about Zoom Vacations? Alexis: It was between Christmas and New Years break and I was thinking about how as of January 1st my vacation gets replenished.  I wanted to start thinking about where I wanted to go in 2019.  I wanted to...