Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Are tours comprised of mostly couples or singles?
Answer:  Every tour has a different makeup that we cannot exactly predict, but most tours are right around 50% singles and 50% couples.  The most important thing is that we are fortunate to have travelers who always make an effort to connect with each other.

Question: Do you offer travel insurance? And is it worth it?
Answer: Yes, Zoom Vacations offers very comprehensive travel insurance through a company called itravelinsured through IMG. Especially with the unpredictable nature of our world, we highly suggest that our travelers acquire traveler insurance. It is always kind of heartbreaking when the one person who doesn’t get insurance is the one who needed it.  Travel insurance can assist you during the trip, in addition to helping you get refunded if you, a family, member, or a traveling companion has a situation that makes you unable to travel.

Question: Can straight allies come on Zoom Vacations tour?
Answer: Absolutely! From its inception, Zoom Vacations has always been a company based on inclusion and diversity. It is our fundamental belief that everything in life is better, the more diversity you have, and that is certainly the case with our tours. We have truly noticed that the more mixed the crowd is on our tours, the better the experience is for everybody.

Question: How busy are the days of touring? Do I have time to do my own thing?
Answer: Our tours are certainly action-packed and fun-filled, and you’ll be busy doing incredible and fascinating things. That being said, there, we understand that part of vacationing is relaxation, as well as enjoying the environment, the moment, and having time to do your own thing. Every Zoom Vacations tour has times sprinkled throughout where one may do their own thing. Our Zoom concierge is on hand to assist people with making individual reservations or to simply assist them with making the most of their time.

Question:  Do your tours include international air?
Answer: Due to the rapidly changing nature of airfare, and the fact that most of our travelers prefer to travel on specific airlines and use miles or upgrades, Zoom Vacations tours do not include air. However, we are always happy to assist our travelers in finding the correct flights that will work for the trip.  For trips where an internal flight is necessary, we will advise our guests of the flight cost and book it for them accordingly.

Question: How do I get from the airport to the hotel?
Answer: Unless otherwise stated on your itinerary, upon arrival at the tour destination, a Zoom Vacations representative and driver will meet you at the airport and bring you to the hotel for check-in.

Question: If I have a flight delay, will someone still be waiting for me.
Answer: Yes, in most cases, our local transportation companies are following your flight and are aware of delays. However, it is always best to do one’s best to let us know via email or by contacting the emergency number on your itinerary, or other means that your flight is late or if you are missing a connection.

Question:  If I get sick during the trip, how is that handled?
Answer: Because of the high-quality restaurants and hotels where we eat, and the care we take with our guests, it is rare that someone would get sick on a Zoom Vacations tour and if so, it is usually only for a morning or a day.  That being said, many of our hotels and resorts worldwide have their own medical practitioners on site and we additionally have access to doctors who can meet us wherever we may be at a given moment. If they deem that a hospital stay is necessary, our team will assist in bringing a traveler to the hospital and will be involved in the traveler’s care throughout.  In all of our destinations, we work with the top people in local tourism who are trained in knowing the fasted route to appropriate care.

Question: If my bag gets lost, will there be assistance in getting it to the next place we are traveling to?
Answer: Yes, our local team will assist in the retrieval of your bag, so that you may relax and continue to enjoy the trip, without the burden of doing the research on your bag.

Question: Are visas required, and will there be assistance?
Answer: Many destinations require visas for foreigners entering their country. Zoom Vacations will assist in providing any necessary information that our travelers need in order to acquire the visa and we will send out reminders and tips to expedite visa procedures. In situations where acquiring visas is very complicated, we also recommend a trusted visa processing company. Note: while we will assist in every way possible, visas are the responsibility of our travelers.

Question: Are all meals included?
Answer: On every Zoom Vacations tour, many of the meals are included, and range from authentic lunches while on tour, dinners at the hottest new restaurants, or exciting meal events that only take place via Zoom Vacations. Still, there are some times throughout the trip when travelers have the opportunity to do their own thing for an occasional lunch or dinner. Breakfast is always included.

Question: How is going on a Zoom Vacations group tour different from another trip?
Answer: Almost all of our tours are led by cofounders, Joel Cabrera and Bryan Herb, who are there to ensure that everything is as seamless as possible. They work hard to get to know our travelers personally, so that we may customize the experience for each individual traveler, whenever possible. Zoom Vacations also creates elaborate events in every destination, and we use the very top guides in each country.

Question: Are group activities mandatory?
Answer: No, there are very few activities that would ever be mandatory, although it is rare that our guests do not partake in everything. The only activity that might be considered mandatory is if we are traveling from one destination to another, and making a stop somewhere for an activity along the way, and even in that situation, we can almost always arrange an alternative experience for a guest.

Question: What kind of hotels do you use?
Answer: Zoom Vacations uses the best luxury hotels and boats in every destination. Usually this is a five star or luxury boutique hotel experience.  We truly stay in some of the best properties in the world.

Question:  Are there spa opportunities available during the trip?
Answer: Absolutely, and we encourage our travelers to take the time for themselves throughout the trip to pamper and indulge. Often we are staying at properties with world-renowned spas.

Question: Is there time for shopping?
Answer: On every Zoom Vacations tour, there is ample time for shopping, and often we will have recommendations for the best places to get certain items at the best quality and pricing.

Question: What differentiates a Zoom Vacations tour from other gay group vacation experiences?
Answer: Zoom Vacations works very hard to create a sense of camaraderie on our tours, and we do certain things within our trips to create a sense of magic and childlike wonder. We also are well-known for our Zoom Signature Events, which take touring a given destination to a totally different level, providing you an over-the-top experience you will never forget, and won’t find any place else.

Question: What makes the tour gay?
Answer: Every hotel, restaurant guide, etc. on Zoom Vacations tour has been vetted to make sure that they are gay-friendly and gay-welcoming.

Many of our tours are comprised solely of gay travelers, and when the group is together, you can tell just from the stories and laughter we share that we are a gay group. When possible in different destinations, we will try to frequent venues that are gay-owned.  Some of our Tours also include gay nightlife excursions.

However, our tours are open to all people, allies, gay or straight, with the only requirement being that on a Zoom Vacations tour, everyone is accepted for who they and are encouraged to express this on the trip

Question: What is the average size of the groups?
Answer: Most of our groups are around 15 people, although we sometimes have as few as 6, or as many as 20. Certain trips like our tour of Egypt are capped off at 12 people, or Rwanda at 9.

Question: What is the general makeup of the guests on your tours?
Answer: Our travelers come from a variety of ages and ethnicities, and most are in their 40s to 60s.  But we also regularly host guests that are younger and older than that. While most are gay men, we often have a little bit of everything. People in the tourism industry, refer to our guests as “fun, kind, caring, culturally sensitive, lighthearted, and engaged”.

Question:  How do you prepare your guests for the trip?
Answer: Before every tour, we send out multiple correspondence, including things, such as packing, suggestions for the trip, information about each destination, and other tips. We also send questionnaires to all of our travelers to get a better idea of who they are, and what might make them most happy during the tour.

Question:  Can Zoom Vacations organize a private trip for me?
Answer:  Yes, Zoom Vacations creates private trips for people all the time, whether on private basis or a personal group experience. We can design a perfect tour for you based on your own unique interests and desires, and our knowledge of the destination, and what is possible.

Question:  What about creating private trips or destination events for a large group of people, to bring a group of friends and family together, celebrate a milestone birthday, or organize a wedding and honeymoon?
Answer:  Actually, this is probably our favorite thing to do as Zoom Vacations. We love creating one-of-a-kind destination event experiences for however many people you would like to invite. We love getting to know the host(s) of the event/trip, and really making it something seamless, carefree, and special for you and your guests.