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Marrakech: A Look at Tourism in Times of Calamity

Marrakech: A Look at Tourism in Times of Calamity

Every year, Zoom Vacations attends a number of travel shows, which is one of the ways in which we find the best tour guides, excursions, and hotels worldwide. One of the most important ones (PURE) takes place in Marrakesh. This year it was due to begin the day after the recent earthquake in Morocco. Since we were not sure if the show would be canceled or not, but largely due to our own commitment and love for Morocco, Zoom Vacations made the decision to come to Marrakech anyway. It was not an easy decision, because we were not sure if...

Water is Life

In 2018, I wrote an article about how water health and safety may be the most significant (and overlooked) issue facing the planet today. Ever since the recent train derailment in Ohio, and subsequent contamination of soil and water, I keep thinking back to the article I wrote 5 years ago. According to many sources, the Ohio train derailment contaminated at least 15,000 pounds of soil and 1.1 million gallons of water. The repercussions of this will likely be seen for years to come. The 38 derailed train cars were carrying many toxic substances, the most dangerous being vinyl chloride,...