The World’s Oldest Living Person May be Living in Peru’s Andes Mountains!

The World’s Oldest Living Person May be Living in Peru’s Andes Mountains!

If reports coming out of the country are correct, the world’s oldest living person lives in the Peruvian Andes and was born in 1900, making Marcelino Abad 124 years old. Abad credits his longevity to the fresh mountain air and a diet of local fruits, nuts, lamb meat, and coca leaves, found in the Andes.

Having visited Peru over 20 times, I can certainly attest to the fact that life in the Andes just feels, well, good. There is an increased peace and vitality that we always seem to feel when leading this tour. And that’s even with the higher altitude– but perhaps that is part of the health benefit.

Along with being thinner, research suggests people worldwide who live at high altitudes have a lower incidence of both cancer and heart disease than those who live closer to sea level.

And then there are coca leaves. Coca extracts are used for stimulating stomach function, causing sedation, and treating asthma, colds, and other ailments.

It may be the altitude, the fresh air, coca leaves, healthy diet, or peaceful locals, but whatever it is, all we know is that we always feel full of life in the Peruvian Andes.

Our Zoom Vacations tour to Peru is our longest-standing tour. In fact, we have brought more people to Peru than any other destination!

Partly this is due to “giving the people what they want” but it is also because Peru has remained one of our own favorite destinations, and certainly one of our favorites to return to multiple times.

On our last trip to Peru, travelers kept asking me, “Haven’t you been here over a dozen times? You seem as excited as someone here for the first time!” It’s true, there is just something about it (especially our specific tour) that I respond to.

I love the majesty, beauty, and mystery of Machu Picchu. I love the food, from incredible ceviche to all the fresh fruits and vegetables. I love our gorgeous hotels. Our guides are warm, knowledgeable, and fun. And I just love the local people…

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