Featured Traveler: Christopher, from Chicago

Bryan’s friend, Christopher really needed a vacation. So, when it came time for Bryan to do a research trip to Jordan, he asked Christopher to come along. Besides just having a great time, it became evident during the trip that Christopher had needed this vacation more than he realized, and this brought up some interesting conversations about the concept of vacationing in general.

Bryan: When was the last time you had a vacation? 

Christopher: The last time I had a vacation was 2017.  I went to Maui, Hawaii for a wedding and stayed for a week.

Bryan: Ah, I love Hawaii. So how have you valued vacationing in the past?

Christopher: I have not always valued vacationing. I typically choose work over time off.  

Bryan: Did the trip give you any insights into the concept of vacationing in general?

Christopher: I realized how much I needed a break to relax and unplug. I’m a workaholic by nature, but I had been feeling burnt out about a month prior to the vacation.

Bryan: Did you have any epiphanies during the trip?

Christopher: So, I’m incessantly dreaming of exploring the world more. Early in the trip, I pondered frequently about how I’d love to travel and have such cultured and lavish experiences more often. By the second day, I realized I was already living those very thoughts, which made me smile and focus on being in the moment. 

Bryan: Yeah, you were really in the moment! What was the best part or highlight of the trip?

Christopher: There were so many highlights, it’s hard to choose one. I do love being active and really enjoyed the hike up to the monastery at Petra. It was a blast doing it with a friend and being enriched by the beautiful history. 

Bryan: That was such a fun day. Did your time in London and Jordan teach you anything about yourself, the USA, or the world? 

Christopher: I learned that there are many people in the Middle East that are not against America and we’re all much more alike than we are different. Additionally, I learned how much I enjoy learning about other cultures and the histories that have shaped people.  

Bryan: People were so nice to us in Jordan. How did you feel once the vacation was over?

Christopher: I felt reenergized and eager to focus on my goals. The trip was a great mix of rest and healthy activities that afforded me much joy and enlightenment. 

Bryan: Where are some places that are on your travel radar for a next trip?

Christopher: Machu Picchu and Cape Town. I would love to see the Incan Citadel and Table Mountain. Also, It would be awesome to go on safari

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