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Featured Traveler: Jesse, from Jacksonville

In addition to our group departures, Zoom Vacations also designs private tours and destination events for any number of guests. Jesse and his partner wanted to visit Israel, Jordan, and Egypt, and so they hired Zoom Vacations to plan their trip of a lifetime! Zoom: Why did you hire Zoom Vacations to plan this trip...


Featured Traveler: Arnie, from Chicago

With such a winning smile and fun, friendly disposition, we came away from Zoom Morocco with many great pictures of Arnie. In addition to being photogenic, you couldn’t ask for a better traveler, and his sense of humor was appreciated by all he met. Arnie stopped by Zoom Vacation headquarters to reminisce about Zoom Morocco.


Featured Traveler: Craig, from Dallas

Peru definitely left a positive impression on Craig, from Dallas. And Craig certainly left a positive impression on Peru as well. From the locals to his fellow Zoom Vacations travelers, Craig truly had all of those around him laughing many times on this trip. Now back in the real world (Dallas) Craig has some time...

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