Featured Traveler: Thomas, from Reno, Nevada

Thomas is one of the smartest guys out there.  He is reserved but quite approachable.  As a Hollywood insider, who like many in the business, does not feel the need to be in the middle of it all to make their mark, Thomas is fascinating to talk to.  You should be lucky to sit next to him at dinner. He knows just enough about everything to make every conversation astounding.  Easygoing and up for anything, Thomas waived 2020 goodbye and embraced 2021 with the same positivity that he brings to every Zoom Vacations tour.

Zoom: What made you decide to take this trip with Zoom Vacations for New Years?

Thomas: I was looking to end the old year and start a new year in movement and optimism.  Travel is an important part of what I do for both work and pleasure and I knew from past experiences that Zoom would deliver something unique and appropriate.

Zoom: What was your favorite moment from the trip?

Thomas: New Years Eve and the VIP nightclub experience with fellow Zoomers in a private ballroom replica of Studio 54 complete with DJ, dancers, light show, confetti and free flowing champagne.  All socially distanced appropriate.  I’ve never had a more ‘uncrowded’ night club experience in my life!  This was not a part of the planned itinerary but one of those extra delights and surprises that makes a Zoom trip so special.

Zoom: How was the hotel?

Thomas: Perfect location on the beach with enough space and amenities to never feel overly crowded.  The staff was outstanding and met every request I had.

Zoom: Given that it was an all-inclusive, how was the food?

Thomas: I loved the food, with more than enough choices for each and every meal.  There was a wide choice of restaurants to choose from- from French cuisine to Italian. I even had New Years tamales while there- a family tradition for myself growing up in south Texas.

Zoom: How did you feel, traveling to Mexico in light of Covid-19?

Thomas: Mexico seems to be handling the situation as well as any tourist destination anywhere.  Obviously tourism is a huge part of their economy and I felt totally safe the entire time I was there.  All hotel staff, drivers, tour operators, etc. were masked during my entire time in Mexico and my room was completely cleaned each day with fresh towels, much bottled water and hand sanitizer both in the room, at all restaurants and all public areas.

Zoom: Did you have any problem with getting tested for Covid before the trip?

Thomas: No problem here. I got my Covid test and results at the county health department testing facility before the trip.  The test results were negative.

Zoom: Did you feel that wearing a mask took away from your experience while traveling?

Thomas: I noticed the mask more sitting at airports and on planes because you are inactive.  Once the trip begins it is less noticeable and obviously you’re not wearing the mask while eating and drinking or in a pool or the ocean.

Gay travelers

Zoom: Does the area of Riviera Maya seem gay-friendly?

Thomas: I would say yes.   Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves during the New Years week and there were certainly enough planned activities at the resort to keep everyone active and happy.

Zoom: What would you say to someone who is apprehensive of taking a trip right now?

Thomas: I’ve always found that precautions should be taken whenever and wherever one travels- with or without Covid.  Zoom helps make the travel easier as they have done much of the planning and preparation for you.

Zoom: Did you feel comfortable traveling with a group of like minded people during this time?

Thomas: Very much so.   I think most people who have not traveled during this time would be surprised at the number of and wide ranges of age you currently see traveling.  

Zoom: Did you feel that traveling with Zoom Vacations helped you navigate the new travel landscape?

Thomas: Definitely.  It was one less thing to worry about as Zoom took care of all room reservations, planned activities and transportation.  There were added bonuses too like the great VIP private New Years Eve dance!

Zoom: Where would you like to go next with Zoom Vacations?

Thomas: I would love to see more of North Africa so Morocco would probably be next.  I could also go back to India and Russia though!

gay traveler

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