Featured Traveler: Dale, from Asheville, NC

Dale and Will joined our tour to Peru in November, and really immersed themselves in the experience. They traveled as part of our small group, like a mean, green touring machine, learning from the best guides, eating at some of the best restaurants, and staying at the finest hotels. Dale shared a bit about his experience with Zoom Vacations in Peru.

Zoom: What was your favorite part or highlight of the trip to Peru?

Dale: Experiencing Machu Picchu for the first time.

Zoom: What surprised you about Peru as a destination?

Dale: The culinary aspect which has influences of Chinese and Japanese and Peruvian Cuisine.

Zoom: Did Machu Picchu live up to your expectations?

Dale: We experienced perfect weather and the crowds less than we thought they might be.

Zoom: How was the food throughout the trip?

Dale: Overall the food was a great Peruvian experience. One of the highlights was the tasting menu at our welcome dinner.

Zoom: How were the hotels? Any standout experiences?

Dale: All of the hotels were outstanding. The Belmond Monasterio in Cusco was the ultimate in hotel accommodations. The staff at all the Belmond properties went above and beyond to meet our needs. The Hiram Bingham Train was a fabulous way to travel.

Zoom: Did you learn anything interesting on this trip, or have any epiphanies?

Dale: Facts about the Inca culture, architecture, farming practices and what great scientists they were. Travel while you are able, do not delay!

Zoom: Any altitude issues on the trip?

Dale: No, before we left our physician prescribed Diamox and we drank cocoa tea.

Zoom: Is there anything you would do differently?

Dale: Purchased more Peruvian products. The quality of items we purchased was outstanding.

Zoom: Did the trip inspire you to travel anywhere else specifically?

Dale: Yes, it made us want to see more of South America. We have taken tours with other companies. The orientation to our trip, the helpful tips, the guides were all exceptional.

Zoom: What was your favorite part of Peru?

Dale: Experiencing Machu Picchu for the first time.

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