Featured Traveler: Jeff, from LA

We appreciated having Jeff on the trip you so much. He was so much fun, and always joyful, and his joy and light-heartedness spread to everyone. We especially appreciated his love and appreciation for everyone who had a roll in his vacation. He has the ability to put a smile on the face of all he encounters, and we look forward to having him on another Zoom Vacation.

Zoom: We know you have been following Zoom Vacations for a while. What drew you to Zoom, and what drew you to this particular trip?

Jeff: I have been following Zoom for well over two years and have done many of the trips offered but have not done the safari. So we started planning this and booked it two years ago. I have done mainly cruises and wanted to do a small gay escorted trip, especially one so far from home.

Zoom: Did the trip meet your expectations?

Jeff: Yes. 100% I had a really great time. The animals and the stars make the trip life-changing.

Zoom: How were the accommodations throughout?

Jeff: First class and could not have been finer. The food was amazing and the staff was so accommodating and friendly. They really went all out for our group and we could tell that they enjoy the Zoom clients.

Zoom: What were some of your highlights?

Jeff: Seeing all the wild animals in their habitat is truly an amazing sight. We were lucky to see all the animals we were hoping to see, and were truly lucky in this sense. Also, seeing the Milky Way and the stars from the southern hemisphere was truly breathtaking. I have never seen anything like that before.

Zoom: Did you learn anything new on the trip?

Jeff: You have to reflect on your place in the universe when you gaze upon the Milky Way. Also seeing the mother monkey cradle her baby and the young elephant nurse from her mother made me realize how closely we all really are connected.

Zoom: How was it, traveling as part of a gay group? Did you feel that we were accepted?

Jeff: Yes, we were accepted. I was told at every venue how the staff prefers our groups to the others since we laugh so much and are happy and fun. And we were. No issues whatsoever in that regard.

Zoom: You came with a couple of friends. Did you have enough time with them, as well as make new friends?

Jeff: Yes, my friends and I spent time together, and I had alone time which is important. I got to connect with the other guys as well, so that was really an important part of the trip and I plan on seeing some of the guys I met on the trip again as well. So we, Rob and Allen will see JC again, and you Bryan as well too.

Zoom: Do you have any advice for someone thinking about a trip to this part of the world?

Jeff: Go, go, go. The Galapagos, Antarctica, and Africa are so amazing because not only is the beauty of the environment so spectacular, but the wildlife in their own environment, never molested by man but it allows you to approach within feet. It is truly an awesome experience.

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