Featured Traveler: David from NYC

David is one of the most interesting, kind-hearted, insightful, open-for-anything people you could ever hope to meet, so having him on our first of two tours to Egypt was an absolute pleasure. David shared with us a bit about what captivated him about Egypt.

Zoom: What would you say to someone considering a trip to Egypt?

David: Anyone considering going to Egypt, as Nike says, should Just Do It. Suspend all the fear based-media, and open yourself to possibilities. You will be thrilled, excited and it will be memorable.

Zoom: What was your favorite part of our private boat ride down the Nile?

David: I was truly amazed at the sites along the Nile. It felt so surreal. A major highlight was waking up early, taking a ride on a horse and going to the Temple of Edfu. Oh, and who can forget the warmth of our boat hosts who whenever I would make a request, the response was always, ‘With pleasure’.

Zoom: Yeah, with a staff of 24 for our group of 12, we were pretty spoiled! What is something fascinating that you learned about Egyptian history, art or culture?

David: Egypt on every level was fascinating. We learned how advanced the civilization was in terms of technology, culture and most importantly how sustainable practices were developed.  It even turns out that ancient Egyptians even practiced Yoga! I particularly like the way they prepared for the afterlife.

Zoom: Did Egypt live up to your expectations?

David: Egypt was way beyond anything I had imagined. At times, it felt unreal, especially sunset at Luxor or the tombs of Nefertari… was I really there?

Zoom: Not only were you there, but we are including a photo to this interview of you in her tomb, the day our group went. Speaking of the group, how were your fellow Zoom Vacations travelers?

David: I could not have asked for a better group of fellow travelers. As a single traveler I did have some trepidation. Each one of my colleagues brought a different perspective. They were engaging and interesting, and I should mention how caring they were looking out for me at times. I cannot say enough of this terrific group of guys.

Zoom: What item did you pack that you didn’t use on this trip?

David: I packed a bit more clothing partly because I like clean clothes. I could have left a few pieces behind.

Zoom: What has been an item that you have started packing in recent years that will always be in your travel bag?

David: As a seasoned traveler, I usually take all the basics. For this trip I packed a natural salve for any bruises or skin irritation and it was very useful. 

Zoom: What surprised you about Egypt?

David: This trip was beyond anything I had imagined. I loved everything. I was particularly surprised by the warmth of the people. Despite their poverty, the warmth of the people was really inspiring. Like anywhere else, they were beautiful. 

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