Video Proctoring for Covid 19 Antigen Tests

We tested the procedure ourselves: here is what happened.

In a recent Zoom Vacations newsletter, we announced that many at-home tests, including the Flowflex test that the United States government is sending to its citizens can satisfy the requirements for re-entry into the US. The self-tests used for entry into the United States are required to be “monitored” via live video with an accredited lab/physician.

However, depending on the tests you receive you may be able to purchase monitoring for them. For instance, the FlowFlex tests can be proctored by a company called, Azova for $20 each. Note, not all tests are set up for this.

On our recent trip to the Maldives, we packed a few Flowflex home tests, and put Flowflex and Azoca to the test. The day before our flight home, we simply went online, signed up for a proctoring time, and then conducted the test in our hotel room via the live video feature from the Azova app. In 15 minutes we received our negative test, and in 20, we were emailed the document needed to return home.

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