My Love of Lima, a City for Many Tastes

Most people who travel to Peru are going with one thing in mind: Machu Picchu. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is undeniably an incredible, special place to visit, but it is certainly not the only thing you will love about visiting this part of the world. That being said, it does provide the incentive to visit the country, and once there, you have access to so much more, from charming colonial cities like Cusco and Arequipa to locations renowned for their natural beauty, like the Sacred Valley, Colca Canyon and Lake Titicaca.

For instance, our travelers come on our Zoom Vacations tour to Peru with the idea of seeing Machu Picchu. Something that always surprises people, however, is how much they enjoy its capital city, Lima. Truly, most people are not going to plan a trip to Lima without seeing Machu Picchu at the same time, unless they’re going for a convention or for work. Like many people, I first visited Lima because I had a trip planned to Machu Picchu, and Lima was my entry point into the country. Once there I was blown away by how much the city has to offer.

Joel enjoying a culinary journey at Central

In fact, I am really dying to do a stand-alone tour to Lima, with the purpose of the trip being to enjoy the incredible culinary delights the city has to offer. I have honestly enjoyed some of the best meals of my life in Lima. Not only does the city provide top-tier culinary experiences, but they are relatively inexpensive as well, and appeal to a large number of tastes.

Peruvians take the quality of their food very seriously, so you will have great meals at even the most casual places. That being said, the following are my Fab Five of culinary Lima.

Maido, an upmarket, contemporary restaurant featuring local cuisine with a Japanese twist.

Central, arguably one of the best restaurants in the world, offering a celebration of the various regions of Peru through its cuisine.

Astrid y Gastón, Refined restaurant specializing in regional seafood & meat dishes, plus unique cocktails and a great wine list.

Huaca Pucllana. If you are all about the view it would be hard to find a better option than Huaca Pucllana, located next to Pre-Columbian ruins, lit up beautifully at night. And the food is fantastic.

Mérito. The organic encounter of two cultures – Venezuelan and Peruvian – in a small and welcoming space.

Try out these restaurants and more on one of our Zoom Vacations tours to Peru!

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