Featured Traveler: Michael, from Chicago

We have just returned from an incredible trip to India with a truly wonderful group.  While we had many repeat guests on the trip, the two newbies were absolutely fantastic travelers.  One of them, Michael, took a break from unpacking to talk to us about his first Zoom Vacations experience.  We can’t wait to have him join us again.  There is rumor that Zoom Egypt 2018 is in the cards for him.

Zoom: What made you want to go to India

Michael: I’ve always been intrigued by India. Indian food is also a favorite of mine

Zoom: What made you decide to come to India with Zoom?

Michael: In wanting to visit India, its one of the few places that I personally would have no idea where to even start with a trip planned by myself due to the vast size of the country.

In addition, friends had spoken so highly of Zoom, that it seemed like an obvious choice for this trip.

Zoom: What were you favorite highlights from the trip?

Michael: So many highlights. Standouts would be:

Meeting new friends 


Stunning hotels 

The people of India

Zoom: What surprised you about India?

Michael: The biggest surprise was the kindness of the Indian people. Like no place else I’ve ever visited.

Zoom: A big part of our trip are the hotels. Which was your favorite?

Michael: Umaid Bhawan Palace. I’ve never seen a welcome so over-the-top, and the rooms / property were stunning.

Zoom: Did you have any issues with the food in India?

Michael: No issues with food whatsoever. It was all exceptional

Zoom: You mentioned that some people didn’t understand why you wanted to go to India.  Why do you think that is, and what would you like to tell them?

Michael: People are pretty ignorant regarding foreign travel in my opinion, though my friends in Europe have a much different view point of India than those in America.

Perhaps it’s because as Europeans, we grew up eating a lot of Indian food, and it’s still relatively unpopular in many areas of the U.S.

Zoom: Would you like to go back to India?

Michael: I will definitely go back. My trip to India was possibly the best trip of my life; I’m still processing so much of it.

Zoom: Did you make new friends on the trip?  How did the group get along?

Michael: I made some great friends and the group got along extremely well. I’ll miss the group!

Zoom: Anything else you would like to add?

Michael: I had the time of my life and have many great memories to look back on. All of the great surprise gifts provided by Zoom are putting a smile on my face this morning, as I unpack my luggage.

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