Experiential Travel is More than Mere Words

Today’s modern traveler is looking for more than just a trip; they are looking for an experience. One in which they can totally immerse themselves into the culture, history, and people of the place they are visiting. They want the opportunity to truly connect and experience a totally new and exciting way of life, the effects of which will last long after they return home.

In a nutshell, they are looking for experiential travel, a growing movement in the travel industry in which the focus is placed on experiencing the true way of life in the locations that are being visited.

This means travelers must seek out a travel service that does more than simply find a hotel and book an airport transfer; they need a service that has been to the location several times to provide the most authentic experience possible for their travelers.

At Zoom Vacations we know that our guests want to get the most of authentic experience possible. Every Zoom Vacations has a level of authenticity not found anywhere else. For instance, why travel the Nile on a commercial motorized floating hotel when you can sail on an authentic dehabiya – a luxurious Nile river yacht for a maximum of 12 Zoom guests fit for a pharoah with every comfort imaginable, and a staff of 22 (including an award winning chef who cooks up the most authentic home made Egyptian gourmet specialties you could only get at home, paired with fine Egyptian wines and juices).

Along the way, temples are visited by local horse-drawn carriages, and when it comes to history during the course of our trip, a highly regarded and knowledgeable Egyptologist accompanies our guests 24/7 to deliver highly customized discussions on 12,000 years of Egyptian history. But I would say the occasion we get closest to the local culture is the evening when our guests don local galabeya attire and enjoy dancing to the rhythms and eurythmic sounds performed by the onboard crew. This is a night when the crew dances with us, not for us and creates a special bond. Thoughtfully curated experiences like these leave you with a taste for the local culture that you will always remember.

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