Zoom China: Celebrating the History and Modernity of this Rising Star

Arguably, if there is one Zoom Vacation that could be described as perfect, it is our tour of China–at least that is what past Zoom China guests have said. It is simply an incredible mix of fascinating history and culture, gorgeous hotels, dazzling scenery, and over-the-top experiential events geared towards giving you the most well-rounded, fascinating trip possible. 

See famous sites like the Great Wall of China and the Terra Cotta Warriors. Explore the magnificent cities of Beijing and Shanghai. Watch spectacular performances. And perhaps best of all, wander through small, quaint Chinese villages, soaking in the true life of China. You will also enjoy world-class cuisine, and try your hand at such things as calligraphy, rickshaw driving, dumpling making, and more. Oh, and we’ll experience China’s emerging gay scene as well! It’s in many ways a trip of a lifetime! 

China is in many ways the fastest changing country in the world, and every year that we return with our groups, there are new restaurants to enjoy, as well as performance art and activities. 

Still, it’s not just the new and modern aspects of China that will thrill you. New discoveries of China’s past are occurring all the time, such as the Buddha statues that were just discovered alongside the ancient silk road, where they were buried for over 1,000 years. Read more about this tour 

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