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The Chinese are coming, the Chinese are coming!

it’s no secret that China has been quietly building infrastructure around the world and buying political influence through the implementation of massive building projects. On recent trips on Zoom Southern Africa, Zoom Rwanda and Tanzania, Zoom India, Zoom Sri Lanka and Zoom Maldives I saw first-hand China’s involvement. 


Featured Traveler, Barry from Dallas

Barry has joined Zoom Vacations in China, southern Africa, and now Cuba, so he is very familiar with what we do at Zoom and we’re very familiar with Barry and his award-winning smile and zest for life. Zoom: Why did you decide to join Zoom Vacations in Cuba? Barry: I have had a life-long interest...


The Economics of Group Touring

Anyone who has planned trips for friends and families, or even their own trips can tell you that it can take a lot of time, and when finished, one still doesn’t know whether everything is going to work as planned, or as presented on the web.  


New at Zoom Vacations

Zoom Vacations is constantly fine tuning trips to make them better and better each time.  Some changes and additions are subtle but significant.  Here is a list of current and upcoming changes to our roster of award winning trips: Zoom China – Upgraded hotel location on the iconic riverside Bund. Great shopping area and great river...

China:  The biggest misconception

China: The biggest misconception

The biggest misconception about China is that the food is all the same or is weird.   For some, Chop Suey, mysterious, gooey, MSG, salty and deep fried come to mind.  However, the reality is that China is a humongous country whose culture is one of the oldest in the history or mankind.  So, its foods...


The End of Communism for Cuba and China?

The world is changing faster than ever.  Communism has been reduced to a philosophical ideology that does not translate well to running a government.  These are the lessons learned by Cuba and China.   Cuba is finally set to openly embrace capitalism by welcoming more U.S. travelers to an island that has been frozen in time...

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