Beat Travel Inflation: Travel Today at Yesterdays Prices

Beat Travel Inflation: Travel Today at Yesterdays Prices

While Corona has taught us all a lot about hygiene, and has helped us develop new strategies for sanitization and staying germ-free, it has also taught us some bad habits. For instance, since Covid regulations in various countries seem to change without a lot of notice, Corona has made a lot of us feel like we should book any travel last minute.

Of course the problem with this is that we are watching hotels and flights get very expensive, especially for last-minute bookings. And it isn’t only that things are expensive last minute, availability is also very scarce as we get closer to the date of travel.

During the height of the pandemic, airlines and hotels dramatically lowered their prices to attract travelers. They were also given government subsidies that allowed them to, well, subsidize lower rates and fares. These subsidies have stopped. Now we have entered a new phase where people are very ready to travel, and all those in the travel sector are trying to recoup their losses, and dealing with higher operating costs. The thing is, at this point people are ready to pay almost whatever it is just to get out and have the kind of a travel experiences as they had before the pandemic.

Especially as prices rise, this is not the time to count on waiting last minute to book a trip. Luckily at Zoom Vacations we are still able to offer pre-pandemic pricing because we negotiated many prices long ago. However, as those trips cycle out, prices will most likely rise. The best thing that one can do during these times is book in advance, and wherever possible get travel insurance. This allows you to make a plan, and get the best rates and availability while your trip is protected.

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