Keeping you Safe While Traveling: Our Germaphobic Obsession Finally Comes in Handy

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Keeping you Safe While Traveling: Our Germaphobic Obsession Finally Comes in Handy

At Zoom Vacations, keeping our travelers and ourselves safe while seeing the world is nothing new. As confirmed germaphobes we’ve always taken extra steps to make sure that our Zoom guests are loaded with anti-bacterial gel, alcohol wipes and fresh bottles of water on each tour. In fact, some guests have told us that their leftover personalized anti bacterial gel bottle from a previous trip is coming in handy more than ever!

In addition, Zoom Vacations works with the best transportation companies and makes sure that vehicles are always clean throughout our journey. Plus Zoom Vacations tours have a built-in social distancing component in that our tours are private and any contact we come into with other persons outside our group is by design. Zoom Vacations chooses restaurants and hotels that adhere to the highest level of sanitation and cleanliness in any given location. These things have become a hallmark of the guest experience on every Zoom Vacations tour and will continue to be. 

Nevertheless, we are updating our present protocols to require every transportation company to disinfect vehicles multiple times a day during a tour, stay at hotel properties and eat at restaurants which have a sanitation protocol in place to deal with the extra requirements needed during this time. In addition, we continue to consider different ways that we will keep you safe and comfortable. Our next trip is not until September, and the situation is evolving. So, as we get closer to that date we will have a clearer picture of what protocols will be most appropriate. Rest assured, your safety and comfort is our highest priority and we will have you covered. As traveling companions, you as guests and we as tour leaders escorting your tour, literally are in this together.

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