Yoga WoodChop Yell

2020 has brought us a lot of things that as a global community we don’t really know how to process. One of those things is anger. Anger, frustration, aggression– whatever you want to call it, a lot of us are feeling it, and we don’t always have a healthy way to let it out.

So you know those weird, hokey yoga videos where the person looks a little crazy as they show you how to breathe out like a lion and stuff like that? Yeah, this is one of those.

In this video, Zoom Vacations co-founder, Bryan Herb demonstrates a simple and effective yoga move, geared towards getting out our frustrations in a healthy way: woodchop yell.

Note: there is yelling involved. As with any yoga practice, please consult your doctor before attempting this move.

Find your Zen

Find your Zen

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