My Favorite Trip

When I am out and about, and people find out what to do for a living, I always get the following question: “what is your favorite trip?”  I always struggle with answering this question, because the truth is that I don’t have one, but this answer is such a conversation-stopper. Plus, more accurate than “I don’t have one,” is actually “all of them.” What I realized is that it just depends on the mood that I’m in. 

Sometimes all I want is to go on one of our yacht trips in the Caribbean and just enjoy the aqua water, sunshine, great food, and camaraderie.  Other times I’m in the mood to explore an area of the world such as India that is so rich with culture and history. 

The trip that has been on my mind lately, is our tour to Tanzania and Rwanda. There is just something about being on safari, that catapults me away from what is familiar, yet puts me in the center of everything that matters. Being in the stillness of the African bush, while watching the circle of life unfold around me, is such a humbling, spiritual experience. And truthfully, this always sounds enjoyable to me. 

During our tour in Tanzania, we get to see the Great Migration which is just so spectacular, that words cannot do it justice. Plus, the places that we visit in Tanzania are arguably more rich and wildlife than most other Safari experiences.  During our last Zoom Vacations tour to Tanzania our travelers couldn’t believe, for instance, the amount of zebras that we saw.  It was jaw-dropping. 

However, what is truly remarkable about this Zoom Safari experience, is that after we see the multitude of animals in Tanzania, while immersing ourselves in the African bush, we then head to the jungles of Rwanda where it is all about the gorillas, the gentle giants. Now, I have been to a lot of places, but I have to say that the first time I saw a gorilla in the wild was one of the most unique and special travel experiences of my life. 

People will often tell you that gorillas in the wild are very human-like, and they are right. People will also tell you that you are able to get within feet of these animals, and you kind of don’t believe it, because how could that be possible. Well, it is, and you do.

They are the most peaceful animals, and if you are still and present, you can definitely feel a connection with these sentient beings. As I write this, it just makes me long to be in the forest next to these beautiful creatures right now. They are totally unconcerned and unfazed by our being there, yet on our side, the impression they leave on us stays with us forever.

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