New Years Travel Resolutions

A lot of people make New Years resolutions, and sometimes people have the desire for positive change for the New Year, but don’t know where to start.  For those of you travelers out there who know the rewards of travel and want to make your travels even more impactful, here are 10 suggested resolutions you make during your travels in 2019.

1 To Travel More.  With the popularity of such shows as “Hoarders” and now “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” one thing is certain: we really don’t need nor even want all things we acquire. For 2019, resolve to spend money on travel and experiences that expand and fill your mind, not on items that fill your house.

2. Go someplace you have never been.  While there is something comforting in returning to places we love, your potential favorite place may be some place you have never been.  For 2019, resolve to visit at least one place where you have never been.

3.  Do something (safe) in a foreign country that challenges your comfort zone.  This can be as broad as bungee jumping or as simple as flying a new airline or trying a foreign or strange food.  For 2019, resolve to expanding your comfort bubble, and thus expand the world in which you live.

4.  Study a foreign language.  Becoming fluent in a different language is probably a lofty goal, but even taking a beginner’s class can help you while traveling.  Plus, studies show that learning a different language is excellent exercise for your brain, and can even help you to speak your native language more properly as well. For 2019, resolve to study a second (or third, fourth, etc) language, even if it is just a few words.

5.  Spend a day or weekend acting like a tourist in your own town.  So many people never visit the must-see sites where they live, thinking that they will do it “some time”…and then they move, having never done it.  For 2019, resolve to see what your own town has to offer, and make the most out of everything you have close to home.

6.  Take advantage of more opportunities to interact with locals as I travel.  If we get too focused on a “bucket list” mentality, you may see lots of sights but fail to truly embrace the local culture. For 2019, resolve to understand more about the people who live in the destinations you visit; what they value, what typical days look like, and more.

7.  Spend more time in silence and contemplation on your trips, and less time on your phone.  How many times have I seen travelers miss a great site because their eyes were on their phones instead of their surroundings.  For 2019, resolve to keep your senses on where you are at that moment, and not on a little mechanical device.

8.  Go with the flow and practice presence when challenges arise.  Flights are delayed, traffic can be intense, and storms can arrive. For 2019, resolve to go with the flow, take challenges in stride, and focus on what can be learned along the way.  

9.  Learn more about the destinations you are visiting, before, during, and after the trip.  Our travel experiences are made richer the more background information we acquire.  As we learn more about the world around us, we draw connections and insight to life back home and elsewhere around the world.  For 2019, resolve to learn and see more every day.

10.  Gain lasting insights, perspective, and knowledge during your travels.  The key word here is “lasting.” Whether by journaling, documenting, writing poetry, or engaging in discussions, for 2019, resolve to do what it takes to let the positive impacts of traveling be beneficial and long-lasting.

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