Featured Traveler: Frank, from Chicago

Since his first trip with Zoom Vacations several years ago, Frank has made and kept in touch with a number of Zoom Vacations travelers. He is proof that some of best things you get from a Zoom Vacation are new friendships.

Zoom: What trips have you been on with Zoom Vacations?

Frank: I’ve been on a Dubrovnik  to Venice Cruise, and an Eastern Caribbean Cruise encompassing Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Zoom: What is your favorite part about the Zoom experience?

Frank: First and foremost, I love the culture that Joel and Bryan bring to their tours.  They’re such pros, that rarely does anyone have to worry about anything. They are completely in control so everyone gets to just relax, and enjoy the experience.  This is one of the reasons guests are able to bond so well.  Its just a fabulous and blissful experience traveling with Zoom Vacations.  

Zoom: You have come on Zoom trips while in a relationship and also as a single traveler.  How was the experience different? Did you feel comfortable coming alone? 

Frank: Traveling alone has its own benefits as there are so many new people to meet, but to be able to share a Zoom Vacations trip with a partner or friend feels equally great. You’re really never alone on a Zoom Vacations trip unless you want to be.

Zoom: What advice do you have for people coming on a Zoom Vacation alone, hoping to feel comfortable and make new friends?

Frank: Get ready to have a blast.  

Zoom: You have made a lot of close friendships on Zoom Vacations tours.  How did these come about?

Frank: So naturally in fact, it’s almost as if Bryan and Joel curate the groups as meticulously as the trips themselves.  In my limited Zoom Vacations experience I’ve had no problem making casual friends as well as people I hope will be lifelong friends.

Zoom: Did you notice Zoom Vacations do anything to help facilitate people meeting and bonding on the trips?

Frank: Again, it’s all about the culture of Zoom the company. It effortlessly resonates right down to the guests themselves.  From arrival receptions, to poolside moments to dinners and beyond. We’re all there to enjoy ourselves so we go at it wholeheartedly.  That being said, I have noticed that Bryan and Joel personally get to know each guest very well, and often help bridge connections with other guests. Plus, Zoom creates really fun events and gatherings that now as I think about it, do very much to help people in the group meet each other and bond.

Zoom: How often do you see and/or interact with the friends you have made on Zoom Vacations tours.

Frank:  Wow, I hadn’t thought about that till now, but it’s daily! 

Zoom: This summer, you are attending a private Zoom Vacations tour to the Greek Isles, invited by someone you met on a past Zoom Vacations tour.  What are your expectations?

Frank: I expect everything will be as consistent with other Zoom trips that I’ve been on and stories from friends’ trips as well. I know that there will be nice people and that all the major details of the trip will be taken care of so that all I have to do is show up and enjoy.

Zoom: What are you looking forward to about this trip?

Frank: Hate to admit it but this will be my first time visiting the Greek Isles.  I am looking forward to the sunsets at the Adriatic for starters. Food, wine and fun times with the group.  And a swim right off the back of our group yacht makes me feel like a kid again.

Zoom: Will you do anything special or specific to help meet new friends?  

Frank: It was easy peasy to connect with others on the trip. I couldn’t think of a single thing I needed to do in preparation for travel with great people.  All you have to do is be yourself.

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