12 Reasons Why You Should Visit Israel at Least Once in Your Lifetime

1. Israeli diversity

Israel is one of those small amazing countries that is not only an international diplomatic mega-power (in relation to its size) but also a country that manages to balance many religions, lifestyles and political parties under one roof.  This is in light of the region’s many autocratic, totalitarian, and monarchic regimes that make Israel stand out.  

2. Gorgeous beaches

Israel has amazing beaches.  They are geographical beautiful along the coastline of the mediterranean.  But the best part for me is the GORGEOUS men frolicking about.  One of my favorites is the gay beach in Tel Aviv.  On any given day you will see lots of beautiful people on the beach but come Gay Pride in June the beach becomes truly alive.

3. History

Literally every inch of Israel is historically important and significant.  Every town, wall, and settlement is historically and archeologically noteworthy.  

4. No place like Jerusalem

Jerusalem is one of the most important places on Earth.  Whether you are Christian, Muslim, Evangelical, Agnostic or whatever, Jerusalem (and what has happened there for thousands of years) has affected you and is now part of our DNA.

5. Tel Aviv is “extra” in all the good ways

Typical of the yin and yang that is Israel, on one hand you have conservative Jerusalem, and on the other hand you have liberal Tel Aviv.  It is a place where everything is heightened: the gay scene, the food scene, the fashion scene.

6. The food

Israel cuisine is among the most organic, fresh, home-grown and delicious in the world. Did you know Israel does not import fresh produce?  Why?  Because they don’t have to.  It’s all grown domestically.

7. Israeli sense of humor

Humor goes hand-in-hand with tragedy.  You cannot have one without the other.  Jews have endured a lot through millennia – as far back as the Pharaohs and as recently as Hitler. You don’t survive all that without developing resilience and strategies for making sense out of a world that can be unjust.   

8. Geographic diversity

You can ski in the Golan Heights, float in the dead sea, party on the beach, hike mountains, or explore deserts, all in one day.

9. Good things come in small packages

Israel is small but jam-packed with so much to see and do, and its all close by.  You can see so much in a small period of time.

10. Go with the flow

There are few places on Earth like the Dead Sea, where you can float without trying and Israel has a truly beautiful section on the famed waters.

11. Kosher wine is excellent

Israel produces excellent local wine and its kosher version is just as good if not better than its non kosher version. Long gone are the days of the sweet Manischewitz kosher wine, as the only option.

12. Safety is number one

Israel does not leave safety to chance.  It has one of the most complex, sophisticated and advanced security apparatuses in the world.  If you want the best security, you call the Israelis. So, needless to say, Israel is a very safe country to visit, and who doesn’t want that kind of peace of mind when traveling.

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