Gift Ideas for the Gay Traveler in Your Life.

If you are like me, your holiday shopping is pretty much done.  If you are not, you may be one of the many people who is scrambling to find what to get the various people in their life, especially those people who seem to have everything, or who just for whatever reason are hard to shop for. 


Here are my top 10 suggestions in various price ranges of what to get your loved one who has been bitten by the travel bug. 


1.  Packing cubes. You can find a number of shapes and sizes on Amazon or other stores, and these make packing a breeze. They are especially helpful in organizing your clothes on trips where you are moving around from place to place.  You can also use the cubes to put soiled clothes.  In the past I co-mingled clean with dirty clothes and ended up washing everything when I got back, even if I didn’t need to.  The cubes are good to organize things while traveling – underwear, active, dressy, etc. but as you are traveling you can use the cubes to separate the used versus clean clothes.


2.  iPad or other tablet.  This is for those of you who of course really want to splurge, but if you’re not, and your heart is set on getting this for someone, you can find used ones on eBay or at auction sites for very little money.  I have to tell you, having my iPad loaded with RuPaul’s Drag Race, and Project Runway, my two guilty pleasure TV shows, has gotten me through many a travel delay. Try to get one with lots of storage space. Best Buy is a good option.


3.  A really great travel backpack. While I am not personally a fan of backpacks with tons of compartments, because I think they just add extra weight, you do need some smart pockets for the things you use, such as your laptop, cell phone, ear phones etc. Great options can be found at REI.


4. Noise canceling or another type of quality headset.  This has long been one of my main travel tips of things to buy to help you have as great a time as possible while traveling, and in my experience, Bose makes the best.  I have found the most reasonable prices on QVC.


5.  Beauty products in small containers.  If your travel loved one is also a product junkie like I am, then they will really appreciate having some quality face moisturizers and other similar items in small containers that can be packed in a carry-on. Kiehl’s has some good options. 


6.  Intimacy travel kits. Nothing says “I love you” quite like a bottle of travel-sized lube. This is a great way to help your friends have safe and fun travels.  There are many options online, or you can also make your own!


7.  Some sexy luggage.  Just like any job, having the right tools make all the difference. And for the travelers in your life, having the right luggage that is sleek, functional, and captures their personality will be a definite hit.  One suggestion, make sure you find one with spinner wheels.


8.  A great book, possibly even a travel book on a destination that you know they are visiting. Who reads anymore? A lot of people. And reading a great book on the destination where you are visiting can really be a wonderful way to spend time on the flight.  The Power of Now is the book that I most recommended to people.


9.  A flask. Fill it with their favorite liquor, and you’ve created a very thoughtful, useful gift.  Sometimes after a long flight, or after a long night out, and the local bars or hotel bar is closed, it can be pleasant (and economical) to enjoy your own little nightcap in your room.  You can even get a flask customized with their initials.


10. Compression socks.  So my advice is to definitely make this a stocking stuffer and not a main gift, unless you potentially want to end up in the doghouse (because at the end of the day it’s socks). That being said, this is one of those gifts that they will use more than they ever realized they would. Compression socks help increase blood flow and circulation throughout your body, and they also help keep you warm if you’re on a cold plane. Many people who buy them absolutely swear by them. 

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