Featured Traveler: Jose from San Francisco

Jose wanted to go on a luxury Safari, and wanted help finding one that have the things that he wanted without the things he didn’t need. After talking to Jose we knew we had the perfect lodge for him. Here’s what Jose had to say about his South African safari.

Zoom: What were your main reasons for wanting to go on safari?

Jose:   I tend to go to exotic locations to experience new and different cultures, and to experience new environments. For instance, I went to the Galapagos two years ago, and I was ready to experience another part of the earth and a habitat I haven’t seen before.

Zoom: You went by yourself. How was the experience of being on safari alone?

Jose:  It’s perfectly fine!  The people at the lodge were really great. I see no reason for not doing it as a single experience, if this is how you like to travel.

Zoom:  Do you prefer traveling alone:

Jose:  Not necessarily.  But I travel at off-peak times, and often my friends can’t join me.

Zoom:  How was the animal viewing?

Jose:  It was phenomenal.  We had great guides, great staff.  They were knowledgeable and did a great job of setting expectations.  You can’t walk into a safari expecting to see everything you want.

Zoom: Did you see everything you wanted to?

Jose: Actually, yes, I actually saw more than I expected.

Zoom:  Did your safari accommodations live up to your expectations?

Jose:  Exceeded them. It was probably the nicest resort I have ever been to.

Zoom: What were the standout features of the lodge

Jose:   Service of the staff, accommodating, kind people, attention to detail, and the architecture was really nice.  They really take care of you. You can get to the lodge and be unprepared, and they really have everything there for you: sunblock, repellent, etc.

Zoom:  That being said you feel adequately prepared for the trip?

Jose:  Yeah.  Everything was as I expected it would be from a luxury safari experience.

Zoom:  Did you learn anything while on safari that you can share?

Jose:  I learned a lot about the ecosystem.  For instance, one interesting fact is that hyenas are actually apex predators, at the top of the food chain, not just scavengers.  

Zoom:  Being on safari can be an incredible time for reflection.  Was the time alone in the African bush useful or meaningful?

Jose:  Yeah, you have two game drives a day, and the time flies by really quickly.  You then have a several hours each day to disconnect, relax, nap, etc.

Zoom:  Would you recommend Zoom Vacations to people you know who are wanting to go on safari?

Jose:  Yeah, you were able to find me a luxury safari experience that was a better value than what I had found elsewhere. Zoom was also very responsive, and it was nice to have one person to go through for all the things I needed regarding the safari.

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