Featured Traveler: Daniel, from Portland, Oregon

If Daniel looks familiar to you, it may be because this is neither his first Zoom Vacation, nor his first time being our featured traveler. One of the most friendly, charming travelers you’ll ever meet, Daniel, along with his sweetheart of a husband, Bryan are always so much fun to have on our tours. Daniel graciously took just a few moments from his trip to reflect on his experience with Zoom Vacations in India.

Zoom: What made you want to go to India? 

Daniel: Bryan and I are fans of traveling to places outside of our comfort zone. We enjoy immersing ourselves in cultures that are completely different than what we know. What better place to experience this, than in India? It has been on our list to do for a while now.

Zoom: How is India different than you expected?

Daniel: I don’t think we had any certain expectations coming into this trip. I only assumed that India would be an overload of the senses, and it certainly did not disappoint!!

Zoom: Why did you decide to come with Zoom?

Daniel: We have been on several trips with Zoom now, and are 100% trusting in the type of itinerary they create. Zoom has a way of surprising its guests with special unique moments, a tourist coming on their own might not get to experience. 

Zoom: How is the group getting along?

Daniel: The group has been great! Meeting and making new friends from around the world is one of the highlights we enjoy in traveling with Zoom. 

Zoom: How would you describe the hotels to friends back home? 

Daniel: Neither words, nor photos can do justice to the Palaces we had the pleasure of staying in. The hotels in India are some of the best in the world!!

Zoom: How about the food?

Daniel: The food has been nothing short of amazing. The local delicacies are rich in color, and full of flavor. The traditional Thali presentation made each meal a memorable one. We just wanted to keep eating the Dal!!

Zoom: What has been your highlight? 

Daniel: So well known in photographs, we assumed the Taj Mahal to be another check off for tourists. We couldn’t have been more wrong. It was more amazing than we thought it would be, and clearly see why it truly is, a Wonder of the world. 

Zoom: Have you had many encounters with local people?  How have those been?

Daniel: As we moved through India,  keeping up with its fast pace, we found time to playfully interact with children. They loved hearing us talk, and repeated back our words in a cute sing song manner. 

Zoom: How would you describe the experience at Varanasi, India to someone who hasn’t been?

Daniel: Varanasi certainly was a sight to see. The gathering of people to worship, and the dedication to the religion displayed by them was very moving. It is certainly unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. Walking amongst them at sunrise, as they went about their morning bathing rituals in the Holy Ganges River, is certainly something we will never forget. 

Zoom: Thank you, Daniel!

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