Month #9 of a Year of Contemplation: Our Leaders Matter More than we Realize

All great civilizations can be taken down by poor leadership or exalted with strong leadership and cooperation. And, it can happen faster than one could imagine.

On my trip, our group learned so much about the various rises and falls of Egypt. Most of this, we learned, had more to do with the pharaohs and priests versus natural events.

In Rwanda, we were all amazed at how the country is bouncing back after the 1994 genocide. The people are surprisingly united, and much of this is due to their beloved president’s call for all to consider themselves solely as Rwandans, not Tutsi and Hutu . He is truly turning around the country.

Two adorable children in Rwanda greet those who are doing a gorilla trek.

Two adorable children in Rwanda greet those who are doing a gorilla trek.

In India, we saw how desire for power divided both families and the country throughout history. When the British arrived, it was no surprise that the unified regions with strong, respected leaders did the best against the British.

While visiting India, Egypt, Rwanda, etc. we saw that this respect of leadership is essential, as well as empathy for all citizens and a focus on unity. Of all the things that matter for a country to be prosperous, these stood out as the most important. Division and reckless, selfish control of power are the biggest killers.

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