Month #12 of a Year of Contemplation: We Live in a Magical World

It’s interesting. We watch movies like “Avatar”, and fantasize about living in a fantastical world, while overlooking the magic in our own.

Our bioluminescent bays, fireflies, electric eels, and butterflies rival much of the fantasy we see in our movies. We have our own “strange” animals like armadillos, chameleons, glowing sea turtles, pangolins, saiga antelopes, and more. We have plants that eat living animals, massive flowers like rafflesia arnoldii, walking palms, ferns that respond to touch, etc. And of course, the Northern Lights and colorful sunsets.

I think a lot of us live our entire lives without giving much thought nor appreciation to where we are, nor what took place for us to exist. One can certainly live a lifetime on earth, taking it for granted. Or, one can see earth for the magical place that it is… where everything we need is provided for us, including what we need for healing.

In every country, various herbs, plants, and minerals have been used for our wellbeing. Psyllium husk in Egypt for digestion, various plants and tree bark, etc in the African bush to treat various ailments. Even something as simple as Indian spices used harmoniously to flavor the food that was available to them, especially in times of drought or hardship. All of these things are provided for us, and most of us do not give them a second thought.

India's incredible cuisine developed partially to give flavor to what they had available during times of hardship.

India’s incredible cuisine developed partially to give flavor to what they had available during times of hardship.

I’ve always been a big believer in appreciation, but lately, especially after my 6 weeks abroad, where I got to observe life in a multitude of forms, it became clearer and clearer to me how much we take for granted. We complain when it rains, instead of celebrate. It’s too cold, but then it’s too hot. Too much snow, then not enough snow…
Start noticing and appreciating all the little things that come together on a daily basis for you to live your life, and see them for the miracles they are, and watch your life change. One thing I know is that the more we appreciate life and Earth in general, the happier we become.

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