Month #11 of a Year of Contemplation: Interconnection

We are far more interconnected and interdependent than we realize. This holds true for countries, communities, families, and the world.

Perhaps no where is this more visible than on safari. You see the intricate balance of all things, and how plants and animals have developed in specific ways to provide what each other needs. The most obvious example that any of us can see is plants providing nutrients for birds who then disseminate their seeds.

Obviously, civilizations develop in similar ways to provide where each is lacking as well. In Egypt, the empire could have likely expanded further, but their belief that they had to be buried on Egyptian soil in order to reach the after life held them back, stinting their trade.

We see interconnection and balance on a global scale, but there is an area much closer to home where this is very true: the workings of our own bodies and biomechanics. For instance, the direct relationship of intestinal/stomach health and brain activity and depression.

Staying well-nourished while on safari.

Staying well-nourished while on safari.

When you start looking at interconnection as a general concept, you see how it pervades every aspect of our existence. As you see this, I think you start to live differently, more healthily, realizing that every decision you make for your body, for your relationships, and for the world has direct effects on everything else. Living mindfully becomes more prominent…and with mindfulness comes peace.

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