Featured Traveler: Vickie from Yukon, OK

More and more, straight family and friends are traveling with Zoom Vacations, with or without the gay family or friends that introduced them to Zoom Vacations.   Being the fraternal twin sister to Rick comes with a double advantage, you are related to a kind human being, plus you get to travel with a bunch of awesome gay men.   In Vickie’s case, she always has a great time being around gay men! But being a straight woman on a trip for a week through Peru with a small group of gay men did make her wonder if this would be the best thing ever or a mistake.  Not one to be shy about her opinions, this is what the prettier half of the twin siblings had to say.

Zoom:  What inspired you to take the Zoom Vacations Peru trip?  

Vickie:  A Milestone birthday with my twin brother.  He invited me to join him and his friends.

Zoom:  Peru is so much more than Machu Picchu; can you tell us about another

part of the country that took your breath away?   

Vickie:  Loved being in Cusco.  A very comfortable city.

Zoom:  Zoom Vacations specializes in LGBT group travel. As a straight woman,

how did you find traveling with a Zoom group?   

Vickie:  Our zoom group was awesome.  Very fun and everyone got along.

Zoom:  Had you done a Peru trip without Zoom, what’s something you would have missed?  

Vickie:  Special lunch/dinners at private estates.

Zoom:  When you close your eyes and picture Peru, what do you see?   

Vickie:  A country becoming a top 10 destination in the world.  

Zoom:  How did you find the hotels Zoom chose for the Peru trip?   

Vickie:  I thought the hotels were great.  Especially loved the hotel in Cusco.  The Monasterio.  Great history and architecture.  It was first class.

Zoom:  What was the most exciting or adventurous part of the trip?   

Vickie:  Most adventurous was climbing Montana Machu Picchu.

Zoom:  When friends ask, what is the first thing you need to tell them about your Zoom Peru trip?

Vickie:   It was an amazing trip and it was all guided.  I didn’t have to make a plan.  I just had to show up and get on a bus or in a car.  Scenery was amazing.  Great tour guides.  Colors were beautiful.

Zoom:  Which Zoom Vacation have you got your eye on for your next trip?  

Vickie:  I’m not sure if one is being planned yet but I have always wanted to go to Australia and India.

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