Featured Travelers: Jeremy and Steven, from Chicago

In addition to providing gay group vacations and special events, Zoom Vacations also creates private vacation experiences for as few as 1 person to over a hundred.  Jeremy and Steven had their hearts set on Italy, and hired Zoom Vacations to plan the perfect Italian getaway. Jeremy spoke with us about his experience on the trip.

Zoom: How did you hear of Zoom Vacations?

Jeremy: We were referred by two different people, unrelated, Brian and Jim.

Zoom: In light of the fact that Zoom is generally recognized as specializing in small luxury group vacations for the LGBT community, their family and friends, the industry’s biggest secret is that they also specialize in private travel.  How did you feel about Zoom handling your honeymoon arrangements?

Jeremy: We have never felt so spoiled….every detail was handled.  It was great that we had private drivers and tour guides to shepherd us through lines, and manage the logistics.  We both have excessively busy work lives, and personal commitments….we called Zoom and essentially didn’t have to do anything else except book flights….I never had to research, google, or investigate anything…in fact every day on vacation was another pleasant surprise.

Zoom: What inspired you to ask Zoom Vacations to design your special honeymoon trip?

Jeremy: We have never taken a two week vacation before and we wanted to treat ourselves to an experience – but to plan a vacation of that scale was a little daunting.  We had not been to Italy, not knowing where to go for the “Italian experience” and certainly not knowing where to stay, nor how to get around….Zoom handled every detail.  It was perfect.

Zoom: What were your goals on this special honeymoon trip?

Jeremy: To experience Italy – sights, sounds and flavors…and that we did.  Upon review of the first itinerary Joel took in our notes and questions with confidence and made additions to the initial itinerary based on our questions.  We relied on Joel’s experience and knowledge to get us around Italy and to ensure we had the experience of a lifetime…we were not disappointed.

Zoom: Did Zoom Vacations help you to achieve these special goals?

Jeremy: And then some – the added cooking course was amazing, and the personal glass tour was very special. We have some special memories and some special purchases to look back fondly of on this trip.

Zoom: Did Zoom recommend out of the ordinary experiences tailored to your interests? 

Jeremy: Yes…the tour guides that were arranged were the best of the best…many had guided dignitaries and celebrities…we felt very special to have these tour guides give us the experience of a lifetime.

Zoom: Were you able to relax on the trip?

Jeremy: Yes – especially in Amalfi…the rest of the trip was pretty busy – and I remember asking Joel in the beginning – this agenda seems light…glad I listened to him about taking time to “sit and enjoy a glass/bottle of wine while people watching…”  we did enjoy the wine, the flavor, and sites….but had plenty of time to explore and relax at our pace.

Zoom: Did you learn anything on this trip about each other that you would like to share?

Jeremy: After 20 years together we know how to travel together….I will say we enjoyed the 1:1 time with each other – today we are so busy it seems we don’t have time to always connect  – it was nice to check out and enjoy each other’s company…it reminded us both of how much we love each other and enjoy spending time with one another. 

Zoom: Is there anything you would do differently?  

Jeremy: Not for a first time in Italy…it was a perfect first experience…I’d love to go back and spend two weeks in Tuscany to explore the local flavors and culture. 

Zoom: Did the experience and Zoom services meet your expectation?

Jeremy: While we have no complaint…we had half expected that our tour guides would have been part of the LGBT community – however everyone was very LGBT friendly, accepting, and accommodating.

Zoom: Where will you go next?

Jeremy: African safari in 2018…when can we start planning?

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