Ten Musicals That Encourage Bites From the Travel Bug

Travel inspiration can be found anywhere. Just the other day, a really delicious panini made me long for the Amalfi Coast.  When something you love, provokes more of something else you love, you know you are onto something…which brings me to another love: musicals.  I think you’ll agree as you read on that you just might get bit by the travel bug the next time you go to a Broadway show. You may be inspired to shuffle-kick-ball-change all the way through airline security, through the terminal, and right onto your next flight to Saigon (and while your sitting, go ahead and do some sensible jazz squares). 

Here are 10 musicals that will get you up on your feet, dancing to your next destination!

1. Catch Me if You Can:  If you want to live your life “in living color”, then perhaps all you have to do is con people out of millions of dollars, pretending to be a doctor, lawyer, and pilot. This classic show glorifies the early years of the protagonist, Frank Abagnale Jr.  This is the perfect show if you’re looking to “Fly, Fly away” from all of your responsibilities. 

2. The Lion King:  This show will pick you up from your seat and drop you into the East African bush. The Lion King teaches us about the importance of family, love, and heritage. With its elaborate costumes, puppetry, and often spiritual song and dance numbers, the Lion King is a spectacular tribute to Africa. 

3. Hamilton:  This show will give you the time-travel bug, and make you want to go back in time to the 18th century in America, and shake Alexander Hamilton’s hand. Hamilton is the show everyone is talking about. Infused with rap to tell its poignant story, this musical is groundbreaking, and just like shows such as Wicked, it will be around for years and years to come. 

4. South Pacific:  South Pacific will take you to the Makana Mountain on Kauai’s North Shore. This golden age piece of musical theater touches on the issues of racism, and cultural difference. 

5. Once on This Island:  “Once on this Island” is a show about a young girl in the Caribbean who fights to prove that love is stronger than death. It’s a mystical show with latin music that will get your hips swingin’, and your mind lost in a tropical island.  

6.  Miss Saigon:  This mega-musical takes place in Vietnam, shortly after the Vietnam War. While this isn’t the jolliest of musicals, it is a show about how love can be found if you trust your instincts. Its spectacular set will make you want to experience the real sunsets of Vietnam.

7. Aladdin:  Get on your magic flying carpet and experience Arabian nights, with this exciting musical starring Adam Jacobs and Tony Award winner, James Monroe Iglehart.  With its Arabian set, costumes, and music, imbued with magic and enchantment, Aladdin will make you want to experience a whole new world!

8. Les Miserables:  If you don’t love this musical, the title explains what you may be feeling after sitting for two and one half hours. But, if you are like me, and you find yourself haunted by its beautiful melodies long after it’s over, you will long to stroll France’s cobblestone streets, feeling the history embedded in those stones. 

9.  Cabaret:  Kick back and enjoy the risqué performance-which takes place in 1930s Berlin. This show is full of racy, flirty numbers- which will keep you on the edge of your seat and wishing you were in Berlin!

10. La Cage Aux Folles:  La Cage is a story about a gay couple who are treated as outcasts, but discover that true happiness lies within. The story takes place in Saint Tropez on the French Riviera. This honest and eloquently orchestrated show will bring tears to your eyes, while gently tempting your curiosity about this dazzling part of the world. 

So get up and let these amazing musicals inspire you to see and experience the world!

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