Colombia – Easy on the Eyes

There are many beautiful reasons to visit Colombia, from food to fashion, unique architecture to dazzling accommodations, and visitors soon see that it’s a veritable playground for the art enthusiast.  Colombia’s art scene is perhaps one of the reasons that Lonely Planet named Colombia one of the top two most desirable destinations to visit in 2017!

The works of Fernando Botero, arguably Colombia’s most celebrated artist, can be found throughout the country. Boterismo, his signature style, revels in voluptuous women, swollen fruit, and sometimes political satire.  In addition to adding details of Bogota’s Museo de Botero to your conversational art repertoire, you can continue to impress people with your Colombian art expertise as you happen upon his sculptures in Barcelona, Hamburg, Singapore, and Jerusalem on future trips.

Drastically contrasting the elite status of Botero, Colombia also offers a trendy alternative, albeit less refined, artistic experience. Bogota recently decriminalized graffiti and, like Melbourne, Warsaw, and Zurich, is reaping the benefits of the contemporary policy change.  Without the fear of prosecution looming over street artists, works of profoundly beautiful, elaborate, and powerful images have transformed the city. Murals vary from whimsical and decorative to weighty portrayals of the country’s social and economic struggles. 

Medellin also showcases its proclivity for the arts in the streets, however replacing the artist’s tool from a spray can to a needle and thread. With a long history of textile manufacturing in the region, Medellin’s current stronghold in the Latin American fashion industry should come as no surprise.   Fashion gurus swarm to the Medellin’s coveted runway events, while tourists enjoy the city’s devotion to style through a fantastic shopping scene.  And if the garb isn’t enough to prep you for the catwalk, Medellin is also home to some world class plastic surgeons.

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