A Picture Says a Thousand Words, but a Movie…

One of the things we have long struggled with at Zoom Vacations is how to convey to our potential travelers what the Zoom experience is like, without giving away our secret sauce, nor spoiling surprises.

We have also had a philosophy of always under promising and over delivering– something to which our alumni can attest. 

Of course one of the most important things we want our travelers to feel, all the way through the process, from signing up to actually taking the trip, is trust. Trust that we will come through with our promises, trust that venues, accommodations, and experiences will be as described, and trust that if a challenge is presented on the tour, such as a flight delay or uncooperative weather, that we will handle it to the best of our ability.

Most of us don’t have enough vacation time, and putting our vacation into the hands of someone else can make some feel a little anxious.  This is one of the reasons we put some of our testimonials on our Zoom Vacations Website, along with photos of the traveler.  We want you to feel confident that they are legitimate, we want you to see what our Zoom travelers “look like,” and we want you to hear about our trips from people like yourself.

In addition to this, we have started creating movies, which will give you a glimpse of what you can expect on various Zoom Vacations tours.  

A picture says a thousand words, but a movie says so much more.  And back to trust: photos can be doctored or taken from great angles, but with a movie, that is pretty tough, if not impossible.

Granted, we are in the business of providing excellent award-winning tours, not making movies, (we are not promising a Spielberg production) and we rarely are fortunate enough to catch our favorite moments on film, but still, we hope that our new videos give you an idea of what to expect, help gain your trust, and generate some of the excitement that you are sure to feel on our tours.

See our latest movie, featuring our tour to China!

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