Peru’s Biggest Surprise isn’t Machu Picchu

When people hear “Peru” most of them instantly think of Machu Picchu, and indeed, it is the country’s biggest tourist attraction.  
However, what impresses people almost as much as Machu Picchu, and certainly wins the award for best surprise, is how much they love Lima.  Yes, Lima.
Like in many places around the world, if you go to Lima for work, you may not love it.  Come with Zoom Vacations, and if you are like our other travelers, you will find yourself saying, “I cannot believe how much I like Lima!”
The colonial square and heart of Lima is simply stunning, and it has some truly fabulous hotels, such as the one we use, which is located on a cliff, over a surfer Beach in Miraflores, an upscale area in Lima.
Lima boasts some of the best restaurants in the world, and is home to where I had one of the best meals of my life.  It is also the epicenter for one of my favorite dishes: ceviche.  Nobody creates this dish like Peruvians– no one, and in Lima, cevicherias are almost as common as coffee places are here!
There are incredible museums, many which contain pre-columbian artifacts and works of art that will leave you spellbound.  
If you hate the rain, then you are particularly in luck, as Lima only gets about four inches of rain a year. Despite the low rainfall, the city remains green, due to its location on flat terrain of the Peruvian coastal plain, within the valleys of the Chillon, Rimac and Lurin rivers.
Join Zoom Vacations owner, Joel Cabrera, as he leads you this November through one of our favorite countries.  Let him share his love of Lima with you, and see if you, like other past travelers, fall in love with this city.

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