10 Lessons that “Frozen” Taught us About Travel

It seems that the hit movie, “Frozen” can be used to teach us just about everything: the importance of family, being true to yourself, letting go, and so much more. Not surprisingly, it can also teach us how to travel. Below are the ten things about travel that “Frozen” has taught me.

1. Let it go. Let it all go. Especially when on vacation, leave your worries and stresses behind. Travel is a great opportunity to see what you can do, to test the limits and break through… your comfort zone.

2. Dress appropriately and be prepared for changes in the weather. While it is unlikely that your chosen destination will be suddenly plunged into a magical frozen wonderland, you always want to be prepared for changes in the weather, and in general, layering is key. While packing, it makes more sense to pack a few thin shirts or knit tops rather than one big bulky one. With the right clothes, the cold won’t bother you anyway.

3. Vacations are about fun and doing what you want. If you want to build a snowman, then build a snowman, and if you have to do it by yourself, then do it by yourself.

4. Know your limits. Much like warm nights by a hot fire may be disastrous for a snowman, cobblestone streets or intensive hiking could be problematic for someone who is not steady on their feet.

5. Don’t always stay in your room. I don’t care how nice your hotel is, open the gates and get out and explore.

6. Do your research and make sure you trust the hotels, restaurants, airlines, services, etc. to whom you are giving your business. You want to travel with the ease of knowing that those around you have your back, not that they are waiting for the right moment to steal your kingdom and ruin your fantasy.

7. Be nice and courteous to everyone you meet, from waiters, to hotel staff, to local convenience store and sauna owners. You never know who may come to your aid while traveling, and being nice to everyone is more important than ever.

8. Don’t judge a book by its cover, especially when traveling. The loud group staying at your hotel may seem like a bunch of trolls, but if you give them a chance they could become the best part of your trip.

9. Love is an open door. There are countless ways to give and receive love while traveling. Traveling with an open, loving heart will open doors like you never imagined possible.

10. Don’t let your heart be frozen. Do what makes your heart sing, be open to what comes your way, and embrace the warmth and freedom that vacationing brings.

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