Top 10 Reasons to Visit Buenos Aires Now!

Now is the time to visit Buenos Aires and Iguacu Falls, and Zoom has organized a fantastic trip this November. There are too many reasons to visit now, but here are our 10 favorites.

1. Make a steal! The US Dollar goes a long way – but this won’t last long. The economy is getting stronger and soon you may be paying big city prices just like the Buenos Aires of the mid nineties.

2. Spring into action. Our trip falls during spring in Buenos Aires and the best time to visit! November in Buenos Aires offers mild temperatures and blossoming trees and flowers all over the city. The city is radiant this time of year.

3. Shop until you drop in the trendy one-of-a-kind boutiques of Palermo Soho

4. Make new friends. Argentinean people are not only some of the most stylish, but also some of the nicest people you will ever meet! This trip features several excursions designed to help you come away with many new friends.

5. Be your own gay self! In gay-friendly Buenos Aires, the LGBT community is respected – the Buenos Aires Province Government offers LGBT people the right to marry and to receive same sex couples benefits.

6. Get a breath of fresh air. The array of open-air ferias (markets) in Buenos Aires testifies to the esteem in which Argentina holds its craftspeople, both traditional and contemporary. 
7. Meat your destiny? Beef in Argentina is considered some of the best in the world.

8. Wine away the hours. Argentina is the world’s fifth largest wine producer and it’s Malbec wine is coveted as one of the best red wine varietals around.
9. Dance the night away. Buenos Aires is well-known for its sensational nightlife. Whether you seek cultural Tango experiences or gay night clubs with the hottest DJs, Buenos Aires has a little something for everyone.

10. Get the feeling of Europe without crossing the time zones. Buenos Aires is known as the Paris of South America. However, it’s less expensive and the weather is better on average.
Click here to read more about our trip to Buenos Aires and Iguacu Falls, or call 1 866 966-6822.

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