A New Vietnam and Cambodia

Greetings from Vietnam and Cambodia, where I have been leading two separate Zoom Vacations groups in one amazing experience.  

Returning to Vietnam and Cambodia post-Covid for the first time after three years has really been a breath of fresh air.  Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam was closed for two years. And some of our guests that were booked to visit Vietnam and Cambodia with us in 2020 had to wait until 2023 to enjoy everything these amazing countries have to offer.

In recent decades, Vietnam has undergone significant changes, emerging as a rising power in the Indo-Pacific region and an increasingly important partner of the United States. Once one of the world’s least wealthy and most isolated countries, Vietnam is now a middle-income country with a dynamic, young population.

Cambodia has gone through various changes in the past years. According to the World Bank, Cambodia has made significant progress in improving health outcomes, early childhood development, and primary education in rural areas. The country has also made strides in reducing maternal, under-five, and infant mortality rates

Vietnam and Cambodia are truly special places because the hospitality, food, hotels, shopping, culture, and sites to visit just make a great combination for a fantastic visit.   I have been asked how Vietnam and Cambodia have changed post-Covid and one thing that I’ve noticed is that there are less crowds and everyone is eager to welcome tourists back to their respective country. I have noticed that while there are tourists, it still has not reached pre-Covid levels. This means that this is the perfect time to visit Vietnam and Cambodia before the countries become super busy with tourism once again.  Luckily we’ve just announced our Vietnam and Cambodia 2024 dates (March 14 to 24 ) as well as our Laos 2024 add-on dates. And judging by the response our 2024 dates will sell out.

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