No Better Time to Appreciate a Safari

During the long days of the pandemic, like many people my thoughts went to travel, and to destinations I longed to visit or visit again. Perhaps more than any other vacation that kept popping into my mind and my desires was the experience of being on safari in Africa. 

Being on safari, especially the way we do it at Zoom Vacations is such an inspirational, exhilarating, and at the same time peaceful,  calming, and tranquil experience.  

When we couldn’t really travel internationally, my need for adventure was greatly diminished. I think that is one of the things that kept me thinking about safaris. Many people would say that it is soft adventure, but it is adventure nonetheless. There are a few things as adventuresome, for instance, as being on a safari jeep and watching a lion stocking an impala.

At the same time, there are few things as calming as being in the African bush, especially at night under a million stars. The coronavirus gave many of us that feeling of uneasiness, stress, and anxiety. And so it is interesting that my mind often went to thoughts of being on safaris partly for my need for adventure, and partly my need for the deep calm that it brings at the same time. 

Then of course if I am to be perfectly honest, I know that partly I just love the experience of being on safari because it is so luxurious and pampering the way we do it a Zoom Vacations.  I always find myself inspired by safari lodge designs, by the incredible cuisine that they create in the middle of nowhere, and of course the fine South African wines flowing. 


Something else that the coronavirus took away for a lot of us was our ability connect with other people like we had before. I long for those days of sitting on the deck of a beautiful safari lodge, surrounded by fellow travelers, watching animals grazing in the distance–truly one of the best experiences to share with others. It’s all the things: surreal, beautiful, spiritual, exciting, peaceful,  meaningful, fascinating…and so much more. 

After what the world has gone through with the coronavirus, if you are able to go on safari, you may appreciate the experience now more than ever.  Enjoy the adventure. Feel the peace. Pamper yourself.  Be inspired.

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