More to Egypt than Pyramids

Pharaohs loved themselves a great big solid granite pyramid, like the Great Pyramids of Giza in Cairo that have stood the challenges of time and climatic changes.  But Cairo also offers some beautiful palaces dating back to the 16th century fit for a queen.  For those of you wanting to explore Cairo’s palatial past, here are some Cairo palaces where we can arrange special visits during our upcoming visit in September and October:


Manial Palace

Amir Taz Palace

From 1352 forming the main entrance to Medieval Cairo. The palace of Emir Taz was subsequently remodeled several times, most notably in the 17th century, during the reform of the Khedive Ismail.  Recently, it has undergone major renovations, and is now open to tourists with a new area that includes exhibitions of the palace’s property, and event space for entertainment.

Ghouri Palace

Built in the 15th century for a Mamluk Sultan Qansuh Al-Ghouri. He spent a fortune on building his complex in Cairo.  Although he was renowned for his cruelty and despotism, he was also known for his love of flowers, music, poetry and architecture. 

Mohammed Bey Al-Alfi Palace

Built in the 1790s during the rule of Mamluks, this is where Napoleon lived during his campaign to Egypt.

Al-Gawhara Palace

Built in 1814 during Muhammad Ali Pasha, it is also known as Bijou Palace. The palace was designed and constructed by artisans from a variety of countries, including Greeks, Turks, Bulgarians and Albanians. The palace and its museum is part of Mohamed Ali’s Citadel in Cairo.

Al Manasterly Palace

A one story palace built in 1851 by Hassan Fouad Pasha El-Manasterly who was the Governor of Cairo.  The palace consists of three main halls, with more sub halls, and a terrace overlooking the Nile.  The adjacent Nilo-meter, used to measure the level of the Nile and predict crop cultivation, dates back to 861 A.D. 

Abdeen Palace

This historic palace in Cairo was built in 1863 as one of the official residences for the former ruling Monarchy and Royal Family of Egypt. It is now one of the official residences and the principal workplace of the President of Egypt.

Prince Mohammed Ali Tewfik Palace

Built in 1899, it is now the famous Manial Palace Museum. It contains many artifacts in a vintage architectural ambience, encompassing large number of rooms for summer and winter seasons, each has a different decoration and style from Egypt and around the world including a special French style room that Muhammad Ali built for his beloved mother who lived most of her life in France.

Baron Empain Palace

In modern Egypt in 1911, where Baron Empain, a wealthy Belgian engineer, entrepreneur, financier and industrialist, as well as an amateur Egyptologist built this distinctive and historic Hindu temple like building, which is still standing today after recent restoration process, and is now open for visits.

Baron Empain Palace

Baron Empain Palace

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