My Ten Travel Resolutions for 2022

It has been a long tradition for people to make New Year’s resolutions. Well, especially since I am obsessed with travel, and it is such a big part of my world, I decided this year to make 10 resolutions pertaining only to how I travel. I hope that this list resonates with you as well, and even gives you some ideas for how you can travel better as well.

10 Resolutions

1. This year, I will go someplace where I have never been, even if it is close to home.

2. I am going to do at least one new thing while I am traveling that pushes my comfort zone.

3. I am going to develop the perfect one week getaway carry-on bag.

4. Piggybacking on number 3, I resolve to acquire more items in my wardrobe that are wrinkle-free, perfect for traveling.

5. I am going to get more creative with my travel snacks, besides just protein bars.

6. I resolve to always travel with at least four Covid masks, so that I always have a fresh one.

7. Speaking of masks, I want to improve my mask game this year so that I always have a nice looking one that looks great with what I am wearing while I am traveling.

8. This year, I plan on keeping a more detailed travel journal of my adventures in 2022.

9. I resolve to do some kind of fitness every day while I am traveling, even if it is just 15 minutes of abs or a brisk walk.

10. Lastly, I am making 2022 the year that I make an essential travel music mix, including local music, perfect to listen to while walking through airports or on long flights or drives.

This list is all very doable, and it is geared towards making travel as pleasant as possible. One thing for sure is that I plan on living 2022 with intention.

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