Featured Traveler: Chris, from San Francisco

We almost didn’t get a chance to meet Chris in Jordan. Covid-related concerns caused him to almost cancel the trip, but in the end, his quest for adventure and need of a vacation won, and joined the group, full speed ahead! Chris was much fun to have on the trip. It is always rewarding to travel with people who are excited about the destination and open to anything. Chris spike with us recently, reflecting on his trip to Jordan with Zoom Vacations

Zoom: What made you want to take the trip with Zoom Vacations to Jordan?

Chris: My dear friend Jim has traveled with Zoom several times. He encouraged me to join him for this trip… and I did. Without a doubt I will be taking Zoom trips into the future. It was a magnificent experience.

Zoom: For most people the main thing that they want to see in Jordan is Petra. Did it live up to your expectations?

Chris: Absolutely! Zoom arranged, as our constant travel guide, a gentleman named Zohair. As a native, he was incredibly knowledgeable of the region; every moment of the trip was filled with Zohair-isms and deep familiarity with Jordan. His guidance and contribution were flawless, a priceless add and incredible.

Zoom: Besides Petra, what were the other big stand outs?

Chris: “Glamping” in the desert! We were thoroughly enjoying the desert exploration in 4×4’s, hiking sand dunes, completely in awe of the sand scape… then we were transported to the resort “Memories Aicha Luxury Camp.” Seeing the glass globes in the distance was surreal. It’s how I imagine the moonscape, only this experience was peppered with the glass huts where we’d be staying the night. What a wonderous, beautiful experience, sleeping under the stars in the comfort of this luxurious encampment… in the middle of nowhere.

Zoom: How did you enjoy traveling as part of a gay group?

Chris: It was wonderful! I could not have met more enjoyable gentlemen. I confident I will see them again and later we valued the experience of sharing memories on social media. We enjoyed each other’s company so very much and I’m pleased to call them as friends.

Zoom: How do you think this trip would have been different had you taken it on your own, without Zoom Vacations?

Chris: From the moment we landed in Jordan, I felt like my only concern was to be ever present and completely mindful of how amazing the experience would be… and was. Outside of that, I was carefree. To have every aspect of the trip managed, including passports, visas COVID requirements, meals, and schedule was amazing. I would not have had had this degree of mindless luxury had I planned the experience. In fact, I don’t even know where I might have started.

Zoom: How was the food in Jordan?

Chris: It was delicious, we were immersed in a native experience. A refreshing plate introduction of regional cuisine, spices, and drinks.

Zoom: Did various Covid rules and regulations dampen the experience?

Chris: Not at all. Zoom handled the travel requirements which was key as they varied. It was seamless.

Zoom: Did you feel safe throughout the trip? Completely.

Chris: While we did have a security detail, not once did I feel compromised or unsafe.

Zoom: What advice would you have for anyone thinking of traveling during this time?

Chris: Do it! Initially I had reservations; I could not be more thrilled I participated.

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