Moving Forward as the World Reopens

Over the last couple of months the world may have largely stopped traveling but we at Zoom Vacations have not stopped working and preparing for future trips.  We have been monitoring the situation, thinking very hard about what’s happening, talking to hotels we work with, comparing notes with other top level luxury travel professionals, and engaging with trusted suppliers near and far to understand how they and their home countries are preparing to welcome guests as travel resumes. 

The good news is that as countries, airlines, and hotels around the world begin to reopen, and people get used to the idea of traveling with precautions, we are seeing slow but steady movement towards more travel.  In addition, we are also hearing a renewed, but cautious, optimism about upcoming travel.  We all know that the rules of traveling for the foreseeable future will be somewhat different, but the reason that we travel will not change – to experience other cultures, see beautiful landscapes and iconic places, to relax and disconnect from our everyday life, and most importantly, to travel with likeminded guests that will be lifelong friends through shared experiences.

Of course, the question on many of our guests’ minds is how we will be able to enjoy all these things in a post Covid-19 world.  Well, we know that many of the same rules of behavior that apply at home will be implemented abroad.  So in that respect there is a new normal developing that will seem familiar and not all that different from place to place.  Just like always at Zoom Vacations, we want to make our travel experiences meaningful, safe and comfortable.  So, we are working very closely with our hotel, transportation, and operations partners around the world to make that happen.  This includes redesigning trip itineraries to allow for appropriate social distancing, and ensuring we use hotels and transportation companies that comply with the highest level of recommended health and sanitation procedures, in addition to adding some of our own safeguards.  We understand that regulations, behaviors and procedures will be adjusted from time to time, as needed.

I absolutely welcome any comments, opinions, and feedback, and I would love to hear from you. I am happy to answer any question you have about the future of gay travel.

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