Space May Become the Hottest Luxury Commodity

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Space May Become the Hottest Luxury Commodity

There is talk of added space being legislated into various sectors of our society, from restaurants to planes.  So seating on planes will be less crowded.  Currently we are seeing airlines “social spacing” passengers on flights, and it’s expected that this will continue for some time.  

Airlines will add more Premium Economy seats to that cabin on planes.  This will provide an ever-increasing area of revenue growth for the airlines, with passengers willing to pay more than economy but less than business for the luxury of more space and distancing on a plane.  

Smaller and especially private group tours will be the norm.  We will see many more people willing to pay for private and smaller group experiences, both for  and to have larger control over the experience.  Travelers will be willing to pay a premium for highly curated, customized travel that incorporates the highest levels of attention-to-detail, especially details such as cleanliness and personal safety in general.

Previously crowded restaurants will place tables further apart from one another, and we will see additional sanitary practices as well.

Space is the new commodity.  Space is luxury.

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