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As you saw, Bryan just returned from an incredible trip to French Polynesia.  His photos got me excited for my own trip to the region in just a few days.  We always do extensive research of the destinations to which Zoom Vacations provides tours.  With the travel world being so new and different now with Covid situations, Bryan and I decided to take separate trips so that we could really gauge the experience (Plus, it allowed one of us to handle things back in the office). We take every aspect of our guests’ vacation experience very seriously, especially comfort and safety.  

My trip is going to be a little different from Bryan’s.  While his focused on land, I will be combining some overnight land experiences with a 9 night cruise on Ponant, stopping at various islands.  I will stay at different properties than he did, including a stay at the Brando on the island of Tetiaroa.  In Bora Bora, I am staying two nights at the St. Regis and then one night at the Conrad Bora Bora Nui, just like Bryan did, so I will have a frame of reference for comparison.  Plus, he said I am going to love it. Ha ha.


In addition to understanding the destination (including Covid safety procedures now days) and finding the best hotels, another reason that Bryan and I take these trips is to foster relationships with people at properties around the world.  Bryan can now call his friend at the Conrad Bora Bora Nui and request specific things to enhance our guests’ experiences.  The relationships are real, and we love the people we work with (if we don’t we probably would’t use that property).  Bryan said that one of his highlights of the trip to the Conrad Bora Bora Nui was getting to meet our sales rep there in person, and some great conversations they had. He also meet the general manager of Le Taha’a off the island of Taha’a, an excellent general manager, as well as simply a “cool guy”, as Bryan said.

At one property during his trip, Bryan was able to give a suggestion of a procedure to make the property even safer against Covid, and the hotel implemented the idea immediately!  Apparently other guests actually commented that they loved the change and that it made them feel safer!

If you don’t already know this, Zoom Vacations can book accommodations for you.  What we get is a commission from the hotel. What you get is that you pay the same rate or usually cheaper than what you can find online, and we can recommend the right hotel/room/accommodations to meet your needs, because we are familiar with the property firsthand!

More than that, Zoom Vacations is also part of a select travel group, and when we book someone at partner hotels around the world (which is most hotels we use), our guests may receive the following:

Room Upgrade, subject to availability at the time of arrival

Early Check-in / Late Check-out, based on availability on the day of arrival / departure

VIP treatment

USD 100 Resort Credit that can be utilized at hotel restaurants, bars, room service, Spa, water sports etc, Free Wifi

Free WiFi

Complimentary Amenities

Complimentary Full Breakfast

Depending on the property complimentary spa treatments, Executive Club access, airport transfers, welcome cocktails, tours, etc.

Let us help you get out of the grind and get into the vacation of your dreams!

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