Mosaics, Myrrh, and More in Morocco

Travel is my passion, which you probably know if you’ve been reading my blog. Over the last few months I’ve revealed my passion for shopping while I travel.  The funny thing is that I don’t enjoy shopping at home as much.  I don’t have patience for it, and so  I’d rather shop online.  Yes, I have a bromance with Amazon Prime.  

But when I travel it’s different.  I’m in the moment, and I really enjoy shopping in places that have surprised me.  Most recently, the place where for me where shopping was a revelation (because I really had no expectation and didn’t really know there was that much to buy) was Morocco.  Oh Lordy!  I was not alone.  Everyone in our group, even those that consider themselves confirmed non-shoppers, shopped till they dropped.  

Yes, Morocco is not only an architectural, cultural and gastronomic marvel: much to my surprise it’s a shopping heaven.  To date, one of my favorite things I bought in Morocco was a sheer tunic that one would wears as an outer garment to simply add that touch of elegance. I am sure I will have this dress item for many years. It is beautiful items like this that had to have at least partially sparked Yves St Laurent’s love-affair with Morocco.  

Ten other things that are common to buy in Morocco include”

  • mosaic tile items

  • 350 million year old fossils

  • rugs

  • fine leather items

  • spices like Myrrh and so many others

  • argon oil

  • wool blankets

  • clothing

  • pottery

  • art

So there you have it, in the last few months I have talked about three shopping destinations I have and will always enjoy but for different reasons.  Peru is where I have my regular favorites; India where shopping is always a revelation; and Morocco where I could have never imagine I would buy one of my favorite vestments.  Please email me with your favorite shopping tips at around the world and I will share mine with you as well.

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