You Can’t Afford NOT to Visit India

Travel is my passion, as you know if you’re reading this article. Last month I came out of the closet and revealed that shopping is also one of my passions, not so much at home but when I travel.

In September’s newsletter I talked about shopping in Peru, a place where I know exactly what I want and where to get it. But, sometimes I want to be surprised when I’m shopping abroad. There are places around the world (like Peru or Argentina) where shopping is nirvana and other places where you need not bother (where there is literally is nothing to buy that you could not otherwise get at home.

Then there is a place where shopping is more than nirvana: it’s a game of anticipation. That would be incredible India! India specializes in hand crafted items that would cost SO much more at home than in India that the trip practically pays for itself in savings if you like nice things.

Every city in the country, and it’s a big country, specializes in something different; Agra: marble, Delhi: textiles, Udaipur: miniature paintings; Jodhpur: essential oils and perfumes, Jaipur: jewelry; the list goes on and on. You never know what gorgeous gift item you will find. You will come back from India with something special that you will treasure for a lifetime.

By the way, my two favorite times of year to visit India are either in late September when the crowds are not as evident, and during the Holi Festival when the country explodes in color. It does help that during the latter, Zoom gets invited to some of the most exclusive royal parties in the country. As they say, its not what you know, it’s who you know…

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