Featured Traveler: Shane from Chicago

It is hard to pick a favorite quality of Shane’s– his sharp sense of humor or his sharp sense of style.  Of course both of these are overshadowed by his kindness and sweet disposition. Having just come back from our mega-yacht trip in the Caribbean, he took some time to tell us about his first Zoom Vacations experience.

Zoom:  What made you decide to take this Zoom Vacations mega yacht tour on the Caribbean?

Shane:  My partner Frank Jeffery and I have always wanted to take a Zoom Vacation, but the timing was never right.  Additionally, I’ve always wanted to go to the Caribbean and I’ve never been on a cruise before.  The overpopulated commercial cruise lines never interested me because the size of the ships and the amount of people on board were too overwhelming. So, when this particular opportunity arose, everything fell into place. 

Zoom:  What was your favorite part of the trip?

Shane:  This is a hard question. I had so many favorite experiences and not one bad one! The food and the service was absolutely over-the- top!!  I met new friends from different parts of the world.  I was able to tour some islands that I never knew existed. I even got to spend a day on a very small,  unpopulated  island, (Sandy Beach) out in the middle the ocean! 

Zoom:  Are you keeping in touch with the new friends you made?

Shane:  I am, and I can tell you that they will be lifelong friends! Bryan and Joel have a way of connecting the right types of people on the right types of trips, from what I understand, and this was proven true on this trip. 

Zoom:  What was your favorite port in the Caribbean

Shane:  I would have to say Saint Bart’s. I’m not sure why but I felt good energy there. Saint Bart’s is someplace where I could actually live. 

Zoom:  How was it different coming on the yacht with Zoom Vacations as part of our group as opposed to going by yourself?

Shane:  First of all, going by myself wouldn’t have been as much fun!  I knew many of the people in the Zoom Vacations group prior to the cruise and it really helped with the overall experience.  I was able to make deeper bonds with my friends, and I was able to connect with and form new friendships with their mutual friends. 

Zoom:  Did the trip give you the vacation you were needing?

Shane: In more ways than I can count!

Zoom:  Is there anything you would change?

Shane:  Yes!  I would spend more time taking advantage of all the excursions on land and activities on board the  yacht!  But seriously, there’s nothing at all I would change about the entire experience except it wasn’t long enough. 

Zoom:  Do you think your other friends would like this experience?

Shane: If they don’t, then there is something seriously wrong with them!

Zoom:  Sometimes on vacation people have great realizations or epiphanies or changes they want to make in their lives. Did this happen to you?

Shane:  Yes, actually it did!  It reiterated the importance of networking and maintaining friendships. If it wasn’t for my partner Frank, this wonderful experience may have never happened for me. Had I not met him five years ago I would not have taken this trip, and I can’t imagine sharing this experience with anyone else.  Together we met all of these wonderful people.   

Zoom:  Where would you like to go next with Zoom Vacations?

Shane: Wherever you want to take me! I’m in!!! 

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