Gay Marriage in Cuba May be Closer Than We Think

Cuba may be the next destination where gay marriage is legal, if President Castro’s daughter has her way. She is the director of the Cuban National Center for Sex Education in Havana, and an activist for LGBT rights in Cuba.  

Just a few weeks ago, Mariela Castro let Cuba’s largest Gay Pride Parade thru the streets of Havana and called for an end to homophobia and transphobia.  Alongside her was well known trans celebrity Candis Cayne.  Last year Mariela Castro officiated a same sex marriage ceremony and with the support of President Castro, continues to push legislators to make same sex marriage legal on the island.  

So, while Cuba is a favorite honeymoon destination, it may soon be a gay marriage destination as well.  Havana has a sizable LGBT community that is visible at the local gay beach, the best privately owned gastronomic paladares and night clubs. Join Zoom Vacations in Cuba over New Years before this country changes forever.  Glimpses of these changes are already happening.

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