Time is a Factor

John from Kansas asks:
If you could suggest a place to go right now, where would it be and why?

Two places come to mind – Cuba and the Maldives

Cuba because it will change forever once the rest of the world is able to travel there and establish businesses.  Having served as something of a time-capsule during the US-Cuba embargo, the country is already witnessing some of the social and economic effects of increased globalization. Because Cuba is relatively poor and very bureaucratic, change is slower than anticipated. Under the Obama administration, regulations have evolved and Cuba is becoming more and more accessible to American tourists.  On the other hand, the Trump administration is suggesting that it will void Obama’s executive orders.  Therefore, I recommend getting there sooner rather than later while it’s relatively easy to do so.   Keep in mind that although we have re-established diplomatic relations and eased the embargo and eased travel restrictions for US citizens, the embargo is still in effect as a whole. 

Second, the Maldives.  Talk about change in a vanishing paradise, the reality is that if sea water levels continue to rise at current rates, the Maldives will be completely erased from Earth by 2046.  I would certainly be upset if someone told me my country would be completely submerged in water in my lifetime.  So, there are two places you should go to NOW! Don’t wait. In the near future, traces of Cuba’s authenticity and the Maldives’s landmass are both under threat. 

Luckily, Zoom Vacations makes it easy for you to get to both Cuba and Maldives with just an email or phone call.

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